Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Points Out 9 Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Men over 30

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According to medical research, Men over 30 years should consume 350% + dark green vegetables and fruits of 150% + per day of their daily diet. However, this is unfortunate that this generation is more inclined to unhealthy food habits and poor lifestyles.

According to the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, changing their food habits and lifestyle is vital for men crossing 30 years old to stay away from different health complications.

In addition, the intake of some vitamins and supplements will be of immense help to lower the risk of many ailments that they can experience down the line.


Many people wonder why they should take multivitamins when they used to take the most important vitamins like B, vitamin C, and E. The reason is that vitamins C and E cannot lessen the risk of prostate cancer. However taking a multivitamin every day combined with other vitamins such as Beta carotene, can take care of the absolute well-being of men. Consult a physician who can help in choosing the right multivitamin, considering your needs.

Vitamin B

For men, a great vitamin is B vitamins, which boost and can help maintain testosterone levels in males, thereby helping them to avoid many issues caused by Low T stated by Evan Bass Men’s Clinic. it also helps build muscle strength. It is equally very helpful for cognitive health and combat mental strain as men grow older.

Vitamin C and Collagen

Everybody likes to stay young, and energetic. Collagen supplements not only help remain vibrant but it stimulate the production of proteins including fibrillarin and elastin. These proteins are extremely supportive to strengthen and tighten the skin and help avoid possible skin wrinkles. Collagen powders also help strengthen ligaments muscles and tendons in athletes.

Vitamin D plus Calcium

Vitamin D happens to be the best vitamin in uplifting the testosterone level in males. Its necessity is critical for heart and bone health. Similarly, calcium serves multiple purposes to nurture your body and reinforce bones.


Melatonin is a great supplement rich in potent endogenous antioxidants, which can help boost sexual health in men. It is extremely helpful to address sexual dysfunction like low sex libido, ED, etc. Noteworthy, its antioxidant properties can improve the dysfunctions associated with the male reproductive system. Moreover, it also helps to avoid sleep disorders.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Supplements containing Omega-3 Fatty acids are simply great for heart health and help avoid heart complications while eliminating potential risks of sudden cardiac arrest or stroke. It is equally helpful to boost semen volume, sperm count, and testicular size.


Proteins are known as the main building blocks of our body that serve many important functions. They are among the best supplements for males over 30 and help gain muscle mass and strength.


Men require consistent support for their prostate alongside the urinary tract as they get older. Probiotics are established to lessen the risk of chronic prostatitis. It is equally effective to treat enlarged prostrate termed benign prostatic hyperplasia. Probiotics are equally beneficial for a healthy immune system and microbiome.


Apart from vitamins, magnesium plays a vital role in boosting bone health and energy. It also lessens stress and thereby eases sleep and nerve problems.


Vitamins and various supplements can contribute greatly to the well-being of men once they cross their 30s. They work in combination and help stay away from different health risks faced in their adulthood.

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