What are eyelashes used for?

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They serve as a barrier against external aggressions in order to protect the eyes. Indeed, the eyes are very sensitive and must resort to this line of hair located at the edge of the eyelids to avoid being put to the test. What trials? These are mainly wind, rain, dust, sand and perspiration. The eyebrows are a first protective barrier, but the eyelashes are closer to the eye and removable thanks to the eyelids which can fold or close.

Eyelashes also have a very important role to play in facial expression.

They give intensity to the look , but also express emotions. When you widen your eyes in surprise, your eyelashes fan out and accentuate your expression.

The third function of the eyelashes is of the order of social exchange:

they are a key element of the face to seduce. Moreover, make-up with mascara promises long, dense and well-structured eyelashes. This makes them all the more present to intensify the gaze, to play the seduction by lowering them slowly or by glancing sideways. The color of the eyes is even better highlighted when the eyelashes are the setting. The doe gaze is the look of seduction par excellence and is obtained with long, curved eyelashes.

Top tips for growing eyelashes

1/ Eat protein and vitamins

A good diet is the key to healthy hair, body hair and eyelashes. But it is especially with vitamin H, also called biotin or vitamin B8, from the B vitamin family, that eyelash growth will be activated and strengthened. It is found in particular in sardines, walnuts or almonds. Egg yolk is also very good for helping eyelashes grow. Vitamins C and E are also useful, it is consumed in citrus fruits, avocados or green vegetables: they have a fortifying effect on hair growth. Soy or fish proteins are also recommended.

2/ Leave your eyelashes natural as much as possible

For eyelashes to be healthy and grow faster, it is important to give them time to look natural. Exit the mascara, the eyelashes must breathe.

3/ Consume brewer’s yeast

In flakes in salads or soups or in the form of a food supplement, brewer’s yeast is an ally of eyelash growth.

4/ Olive oil or castor oil

Massaging the eyelids every evening with olive oil or castor oil activates blood circulation and boosts eyelash growth.

5/ Massage with petroleum jelly

Vaseline has the same virtue as olive and castor oils, it activates the growth of eyelashes. It deeply moisturizes both the hair fiber of the eyelashes and the epidermis of the eyelids.

6/ Cosmetic care

There are also cosmetic treatments in the form of serums, oils or creams that are specially designed to help eyelashes grow faster. It must be applied daily to see results after a few weeks.

7/ Use a base before mascara

Before applying mascara to the eyelashes, it is a good idea to protect them with a pro-keratin base that nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes.

8/ Choose a good quality mascara

Finally, so that the eyelashes do not get damaged under the layers of mascara, it is better to choose your makeup carefully. The quality of the mascara has a direct effect on the loss of eyelashes or on their growth.

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